Thursday, December 27, 2012

We're back!

     After a year or so in the shop, the Double H Drag Strip online presence has been retooled into this blog format, which should be easier to administer and easier for visitors to navigate. The file manager on the former site, doublehdragstrip. com,  threw a rod back in 2011 and pretty much oiled down everything. We limped along until the end of the racing season, and then put it out of its misery.
    The plan is to have all of the information and photos from the old site back up and available here, though the access will be different -- and better, we hope. The old stuff includes the old newspaper stories, advertisements and home movies from Terry Hembree, son of track co-founder Bill Hembree; vintage photos by Ronnie Evans taken at the Double H and at Paradise in Calhoun, Ga.; features on Double H racer Reece Gibbs and his son, Paul, who races the "Cuda Beast" in Pro Mod across the South, the old Lloyd's Drag Strip in Blairsville, and much more.
There's a lot of stuff to put back, plus several interviews that never made it on to the old site, and it will take time, but keep checking back.